Monday, February 25, 2013

Wonder Woman Resurrected!!!

 Hello my fellow warrior goddesses!!…this is Wonder Woman Resurrected ;) I told you I’d be back in 2013 and here I am…HOLLA J

Was in a bit of a predicament at the end of last year. Started looking over my blog and wondering well…what kinda of blog is this…am I talking about losing weight, am I talking about my journey in the life of a single mom, am I talking about dating….what is my theme…and I’ve decided its gonna be about me warts and all J Most of us live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with images of perfection…in magazines, movies, TV, the Internet, our friends lives on Facebook…lol. Come on you KNOW you look at their pictures and their posts and think “OMG they have it soooo together…I SUCK!!!” I often feel this way…especially when I look at my friend Janet’s page LMAO!!! Nah she’s so great I can’t even be annoyed by that J she deserves all her awesomeness and I can say with all honesty she really is all that…BEEOTCH!!! J

My life resembles the road of most resistance…The DO THIS, NOT THAT (insert my pic here) I don’t know why but if there is a hard way, I’m gonna take it…maybe I need the thrill or the agony of defeat…maybe I’m so non-drama that this provides me with drama…don’t know but others find my stories and my life choices (cough…ex husband cough ;) ) amusing. Now I am sticking to my pledge not to diss my ex…I said the choice was amusing…not tragic J and I’m going to stick with it…not that he won’t make an appearance cause his stories, where I’m involved, are funny J so we’ll go with humor for others and the juggler for me ;)

So whats been up with me…well I broke up with sorta boyfriend…sigh. We broke up at the end of last month. I’ve known for a while now that things between us while fun were not progressing…after a year its time to fish or cut bait…he decided to cut bait…hey if not him it would have been me eventually. He met someone that he wanted to date and rather than string me along he came out and told me….I HEART THAT GUY!!! Seriously the sweetest guy I’ve ever meet. He’s not overly romantic or very expressive but he has a great heart. He’s probably the only guy that I ever broke up with holding hands J that seems weird but there was a realization for both of us, in that moment, that something great was ending and it sucks. Now I know what you maybe thinking “Liz, get your head out of the clouds…he was playing you” but you’d need to know him to know he wouldn’t do that. I know a player, a manipulator, a bad guy…when I see one…or at least I figure it out pretty quickly…NOW J Why did it end…ah the million dollar question…yeah there was the girl he met…but that’s not why…I’m going to wax poetic here and say we were two ships passing on different journeys…WTF Liz, reeeeally? J but its true. We met at the right time and got what we needed from each other at the right time. I needed a sweet guy who was fun and wouldn’t pressure me for more of a relationship than I was ready for. He needed a girl to understand his insane work schedule and just get him…he’s a bit quirky to where others would be annoyed, I’d find adorable J He also needed some fun…and that’s what we had a lot of…FUN. Its over now and I joke that I can’t be angry with him and I’m not…ass, couldn’t even give me my ANGER LOL. There is a funny story coming up about him in my next entry that will tie this up J but still heart him.

What else…hit my goal weight,  smashed it…then gained 4lbs tan, tan, TAAAAAAN!! So I’m above my goal by a 1bs. I’m on the 4th week of my maintenance program with Weight Watchers and this weekend didn’t help me at all J I blame it on the sucky Chicago weather, my lack of working out last week and shoving everything I can into my pie hole…it’s the Trifecta of Weight gain. So what am I gonna do about it….get back to working out and eating sensibly and writing it down…grumble, grumble J I’ve been doing Weight Watchers for a year and a half…you’d think by now I’d get “Hey Liz, you need to write down what you eat” but NOOOOO I think I’m smarter than that or just lazy…nothing worse than a lazy, smart person…that’s worse than a vibrator without batteries (so I’m told ;) ) IT DON’T GET DA JOB DONE!!! I’m sitting here trying to enter everything I ate this weekend…and I’m afraid the weight watchers website is going to virtually smack me J or a cow embedded app will start to MOO MOOO.

Brought a new car J my old car, a 2003 Chevy Impala, is now at my parents house…my father is performing life saving surgery on it to keep her going a few more years J. In other words, he’s changing the oil and the spark plugs…might as well be surgery as far as I’m concern…I don’t get how to do either one.  That car is a TANK!!! 190 thousand miles of HELLZ YEAH!!! J I think it is now going to be either my parent’s second car or the family spare car (everyone in my family seems to always have car issues and no spare J ) or they are going to give it to my basement boy brother (I’d rather they take her out and shoot her…it would be more merciful J ) or somehow my nephew…whose 22 years old, has a job but never any money…will talk my parents into giving it to him. My family, whom I adore, has issues Y’all and no one has any money J so now it’s a death match for a car with a 190k miles on it…rolling my eyes. The fun part is I still hold the title to it…which I will likely sign over to my father but I may hang on to it just long enough to torture all of them with it…if for nothing else but to amuse myself….ah life in a tight knit Cuban family!! J

My new car!!! Is a 2013 Jeep Compass…I spent a year researching what I was going to do…and in typical Liz fashion…at the last minute changed my mind and went a totally different direction. I was going to buy a slightly used Kia Sportage. I wanted a mini SUV, that didn’t look like a mom car, got good mileage and wouldn’t cost a fortune…and that is what I ultimately got. Of course this is what happens when you try to buy a used Kia at a Jeep dealer…the old BAIT AND SWITCH J still though I got a great deal and I’m very happy with it. My guy friends all want to know how I did with the deal…Ummm, whats it to you? I got what I wanted and I’m happy with it…if its to poo poo my negotiation skills or to tell me how much better they could have done…to them I say…F*CK OFF J I’m thrilled, the girls are thrilled…and there you have it.

My girls are FABULOUS!!! They put all my insanity into perspective and own my heart...that being'll see there funny stories here too :)

Ok, not bad for a first entry….tomorrow I will regale you with stories from last and this weekend…be ready to take a deep breath and dive into my madness.