Monday, October 29, 2012

Did ya miss me? Cause I'm getting smaller :) and now I'm VAIN ;)

Sorry ladies, had a combination of writers block and crazy schedule going on last week. I kept wanting to say something but something kept tearing me, even more likely and having fun...that too :)

I had a perfect weekend! Full of friends, good times, family and ended curled up with my girlies before bed last night. SO I DID IT!!! Went as Wonder Woman this year (most thought it was my costume...but its my secret identity as we all know) Had thought about going all out..really spending it up and getting the Linda Carter knock off copy...but in the end...the Partycity version won out. Can I tell you the Wonder Woman costume is POPULAR...couldn't find it anywhere....for a few weeks I would randomly check Party City(s) and they were all out. Funny enough I have a Party City right down my street and thats where I found mine. When I got the costume it was at about this time that the idea that I'm a size MEDIUM sank in.
Don't know what I'm so happy about...oh yeah...I LOOK GOOD LOL

Girls...I've been a large most of my life (I'm tall so there is a length thing) I have a large frame...ugh, have I mentioned how much I hate that term...its like saying I'm big boned...can't they come up with something better? Anyway most costumes, in my experience, tend to run small so I was sure I needed a Wonder Woman costume size large. I tried the large Wonder Woman costume and it was baggie and just didn't fit I tried on the meduim...bit snug to get around my pear shape...think I'm going to say I'm genie bottle shaped ;) but the fit was GREAT...IN MEDIUM...WOOHOO!!! After that I really started to notice...I'm not a large...I'M NOT A LARGE?!?! I think we all have that feeling when we are losing weight...especially when you lose ALOT of weight...your physical state changes faster than your mental state. Here is an example...for years I HATED having my picture taken. I missed out on taking alot of picture s because I was so overweight I hated looking at myself. This weekend I went to a halloween party and I ended up posting a TON of pics on my facebook page...LOL. My friends looked so great I wanted to share but then it dawned on me...I didn't look too bad either. I still cringe when friends tag me in a picture on much so that I immediately check (so as to detag myself :) ) and not a bad picture in the bunch that caused me grief. I catch myself looking at myself in the mirror because I've the mythical Narcissus ;) (Damm Liz Wonder Woman now this...vain beeotch!!!) actually...its because I'm still that really me?? I did that at the gym last night (helps that the place is FULL OF MIRRORS) ...other than a band around my midsection of stubborn, stubborn...STUBBORN fat that I may name Ann Coulter cause its annoying as hell and never seems to go away...just like her (plus it appeals to my sense of irony to name my ugly fat after a skinny beeotch who is ugly inside and out) I think I'm buying into the fact that I'm thin (HOLY CRAP!!!) my year and a half of sweat, eating paying off!!!
Seriously I have freakin gorgeous friends :)

Ok so I'm'm freaked out about relapsing...that may be a good will keep me on my toes. I definitely feel that something that has helped is to view this as a lifestyle...not a race....there is no finish line...yeah there is me staring at mirrors unbelievingly or seeing pictures of myself and not recoiling :) but this is something that I (and likely you) will have to keep working on for the rest of my life...sigh...guess its true what they say...if it were easy...everyone would be staring at themselves in the mirror and smiling...HOW ANNOYING ;) More on my freaking out later :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lord, give me strength and a caffeine drip...STAT!!!

HELLO LADIES...welcome to my stream of consciousness...swim at your own risk..

So last night...I did not do my Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 :( instead I curled up on my couch and watched Obama and Romney slap each other around a bit...Two things I'll say about the, laughed the hardest when this occurred - Romney asked: “Mr. President, have you looked at your pension?” Obama responded: “I don’t look at my pension. It’s not as big as yours so it doesn't take as long.”...SMACK!!! LOL...then did anyone notice Ann Romney and Michelle Obama both wore hot pink...gotta say they both looked great...but being my girl Michelle and I are both 5'11, from Chicago and wear the same shoe size (I know this because I saw her inaugural ball gown on display at the Smithsonian last year...along with her size 10 Jimmy Choos -AHLUSTCOVETDROOL!!!) I give it up to Michelle...she looked stunning...very Jackie Kennedy. By the way...just as an FYI...they don't like it at the Smithsonian when you squeal "OMG look at her shoes!!!" and try to claw your way through plate glass...whateves :)

This morning up bright and early to get the girlies ready for picture day and pick up my messy does it always get to be such a MESS...I swear these kids come home and its like a tornado per usual they are bright and cheery in the morning and all is bliss...bwahahahaha!!! HEAVEN HELP WHOEVER WAKES UP THE WOMEN IN MY HOUSE BEFORE 8AM!!! I'm not a morning person but I'm the Mom so I have to suck it up...Mia is like waking the dead!!! Its 3 wake up calls before she finally gets moving with surly looks and heavy sighing. Emily is usually a bit more animated in the morning...but she has a very wiggly front tooth and is freaking out that it will come out...whats my worry?...that it will pop out before they take her picture and she'll be a bloody much compassion...sigh...MOTHER OF THE YEAR!!! Yesterday we all got our hair cut....Emily must have thought they were going to cut off her head by the way she screamed and carried on...but in the end it got cut (HER HAIR ;) ) and she was fine...I'd post the end results of hers here but she refused to let me take her picture...rolling my eyes :) so here are Mia and I...
I know I'm her mom but this kid is freaking gorgeous!!!!

Mom could have done with some better lighting :)

Thank goodness after a few tears (Mia didn't like the straightening iron...AT ALL) and one "I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!" from Mom...we all got out the door and on our way to school and work...WHEW!!!
Tonight I WILL RIP IT!!! I need Jillian Michaels to yell at me some her yoga meltdown vid btw...though I fell last time I did the side plank position...ya know where you reach up in a side plank...I just kept going and landed on my butt :) I have to get some more run time in too....starting to run out of steam at the end of the night and I'm getting snacky...not GOOD...oh well...this is a work in progress :) I have noticed that it takes alot less food to fill me up. We got pizza last night cause after the hair cuts and running around and hours of homework...MAMA WASN'T COOKING...I had two pieces of sausage and some cold pasta. I used to eat at least 5 pieces of pizza and I'd still be these days I eat more fruits and veggies than I ever did...EVER!!!

On a separate not work out or food related note...another really positive change I've made in the last year was sitting down with the girls at the dinner table...turning off the TV and just relaxing and talking while we eat. Before we just used to eat in front of the TV...then I would start going into another room cause they wanted to watch the Disney channel (I'd still watch Shake Up...and yes I memorized the theme song :)) . I didn't grow up with my family sitting down to brothers being much older...horked down their food in front of the TV and were my parents more gray hairs. My father worked in the Mom would feed me in front of the TV and then she'd go watch whatever she would watch (some gawd awful Latin Soap Opera...this was before Telemundo) It never bothered me because my mom was a stay at home mom...if anything...we had a little TOO MUCH together for my Dad...he was supporting all of us...I never wanted for my parents attention...I was the youngest and only girl...HOLLA :) but ladies Wonder Woman ovah here has to find what works for her mind goes miles per minute so sometimes I miss what I REALLY NEED TO PAY ATTENTION TO. Anyway we started doing family dinner nights a couple of times a week and I noticed it really its just about every night...I give the girls Friday night off so they can watch a movie. My brain actually slows down and I really listen...I took a note from THE POTUS (look it up) he said in an interview that when he and his wife sit down to dinner with their girls (is it just me or do you not love that their names are Malia and Sasha :)) they ask them...what was the best part of your day and the worst...the girls and I do this and they LOVE IT!!! so do I. I always end their night by reading Emily a story...ok sometimes we have to skip it but I do, do this most nights...I did this with Mia too and I'm convinced its why the two of them love books so much. I then go hang out with Mia who is usually doing something creative like a fashion or interior design game on the computer...she's always up to something...KID IS GONNA TAKE OVER THE WORLD :) I let her watch TV til lights out at 10pm...but a couple of times she's outlasted me...and it never fails that I get up at 2am and her TV is on and she's passed out (I say this so you all don't think I'm high and might...Super Mom or Tiger Mom or anything else over than..trying my best...stumbling but ultimately I'm sure my kids will be fine in spite of me :))...she was watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid last night on HBO...I was thinking...thank goodness I put the view locks on the cable boxes..she can't watch anything higher than PG-13.

Ya know why I like the name Wonder Woman...aside from the fact that she's a HOT, BRUNETTE, TALL, AMAZING...36, 24, 36...(haha...only if she 5'3 ;)...personally...I'm a 36, 31, 38...pears are sexy :) ),SMART, JET FLYING (damm she's got that one on me), CRIME FIGHTING (I'm on the neighborhood watch) BABE!!! Cause when I call myself Wonder Woman(trust me I giggle every time I do)...I'm honestly not thinking how awesome I am...I'm WONDERING how its a WONDER  I make it through the day with my sanity, health and sense of humor intact. Its truly a WONDER I'm keeping my weight down, my healthy eating up, my girls happy, fed and clothed...I have my amazing friends, my great and goofy family, a job I love and I have a sorta of BF that looks like Paul Rudd...HOLLA!!! So many WONDERS!!! Hmmm WONDER where I left my keys :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Catching up with Wonder Woman...muhahaha :)

Hi All J

Sorry I’ve been away but it was a wild week last week, had to take a breather. So to catch you up I put things in to their own compartments…otherwise it just sounds like a stream of consciousness J

1.       Staying Fit….I’m still fighting the good fight. I’ve been combining Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 with her Yoga Meltdown and training for the Hot Chocolate 5k next month…BREATH!!! Its been going ok…need to get more disciplined and find the time but I’m doing it. Getting to the point in my weight loss, keeping fit  journey where I’m just seeing my flaws and getting discouraged…its been such a long road…I sometimes wonder if maybe I can’t do this…then I think…SERIOUSLY…this is the thinnest you’ve been since you were College…shut up and keep going J I may have to have a talk with the ass and thigh fairy though J She’s still way too generous J. I’m between 7 and 5lbs from my latest (and last) goal…kill me now!!!!

2.       My girlies!!! They are FAB!!! The best parts of my life. Its been an interesting challenge this last month having them on my own. When their Dad still lived close by we split the week evenly but since he’s moved three hours away…now they are with him every other weekend. My parents have pitched in to help…which has been great though I try not to abuse that too much. My parents are 76 and 79 respectively so while the girls are a bit older they can still be a handful and I feel guilty having my folks babysit too much. My mom cracked me up the other day when she said “If only I were 60!!” Oh yeah Mom the good ol days when you’d take on the world J My mommie friends have been amazing pitching in…even if only to listen to me whine ;) Overall though everything has been great.

3.       My so-called life…Social life came to a big halt after the summer was over…I still have my moments here and there but I’m kinda of enjoying the scale back. Still having fun dating my adorable guy (he really does hate it when I say he’s adorable…but he is!!!) People ask me if he’s my boyfriend, where are we going with this…whats going on…BLAH, BLAH, BLAH J Well…I do like him a lot, we have a great time together and that’s good for now. I don’t know ladies…everytime I think about sharing my life with someone I feel like someone has a vice grip on my throat (and not in a hot way…did anyone see Broadwalk Empire last night?!?! Damm Bobby!!! Now he could make me reconsider having more babies ;) ) I don’t know when that will go away. I’ve been asked if I’m worried, given my age (GRRRRRR!!!!) about finding someone to spend the rest of my life with…well…no J truly. There is an old saying that goes “Mejor sola que mal acompanada” which translated means its better to be alone than in bad company…and that is the GAWDS HONEST TRUTH there ladies!!! If I don’t find my SUPERMAN (give or take some silly flaws J ) then whats the point. This is not saying I will not leave my heart open…I am…but I won’t settle.

4.       Men in my life that HAVE GOT TO GO!!! I have been fortunate since my divorce to date some really nice guys and some not so nice ones. I have the misfortune (sigh J)  of being too nice…so some of them I’m still in touch with. There must have been something in the air cause THEY ALL CONTACTED ME THIS WEEKEND!!!!  and truly I wanna say “Its been nice knowin’ ya’…don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way OUT!!!” First off…REALLY!!! Call me on a Friday or Saturday to do something THAT DAY???? LAMEBALLS!!!! I actually ended up on my own Saturday night but working out, a good book and bath, was still a better option than these MAMALUKES (I was reading the Godfather…the Italian slang is rolling J) Wanna know something sad…most of these guys have made their reappearance in the last six months…hmmm…seems like word got out that I lost 60lbs J Ugh and they are sooooo transparent that its my appearance that has them suddenly interested. This maybe paranoia on my part but another thing and this really makes me mad… I think, that they have it in minds that because I have kids…my options on limited…so they can swoop in and offer a lousy deal and I’ll be so desperate I’ll take it….WTF!!! So not only am I not interested…they make me physical sick…PLEASE BOYS…DO ME AND YOURSELVES A FAVOR…LOSE MY NUMBER J

So this week…hmmm…working from home tomorrow (I LOVE MY JOB!!!!) the girls and I are getting haircuts…Mia wants bangs (I’ll post pics J ) using this to get her to cut a few inches off as well (I’ll take 2 J ) Emily is getting a trim as well…ME…long layers a few inches…nothing too special. Wednesday School Pictures…three screaming women in a bathroom…and they are 10 and 5…whaddaamIgonnado when they are 18 and 13!!! I told Mia we’d have two bathrooms…one for me and one for them. She says “Mom…you’re gonna leave two teenage girls in ONE BATHROOM?!?!? We’ll fight and kill each other” my oh so motherly sage comment “What the heck do I care, I’ll be in my bathroom", Thursday…School Open House (its like Kiddie Disco Night ;) ) Friday…MOVIE NIGHT at home…”And Hulk…SMASH!!!”, Saturday Pumpkin Patch and running for the Wisconsin Boarder to see if I can get my traitor kids Packers costumes…GRRRR…I’m a Bears Fan and my oldest daughter is a Packer Fan…MY HEART!!!!...I blame her father and aunt for this one…I know I’m not trashing my ex or his sister but DAMMIT!!! J Emily is still a Bears Fan but we are trick or treating with another family (then there is a party with Beer and Chill for the grown ups!!! J I think the kids will be banished to the basement to come down off the sugar high…is it wrong to bar the door to the upstairs??!!!!”) The other kids are going as Bears players so my kids have to constrast…don’t ask me…the kids came up with this…I’m just their BITCH ;) 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Secrets to Happiness...oooohhhh ahhhhh :)

Hello Ladies…
So today I was wondering what am I gonna blog about…Hmmm what is going on in the mind of Wonder Woman (LOL I feel so full of myself when I say it but whatevs J) My kids, work, working out, my weight... my lying whore of a scale, the fact that my parents call me five times a day to ask if I’m thinking of them (If you have Latin or Crazy Parents you will understand this J) What am I doing this weekend (my children’s bidding ;))…so many things going on but then I came across a great article in Time Magazine “Be Happier in Business and Life: 10 Things to Stop Doing Right Now” If you get a chance take a look. Here is the list of 10 with my personal spin (be warned ;))

1.       Blaming – HA!!! This one got me right away and its HELLZ YA on point. Girls, we’ve all made mistakes but blaming others for them won’t ever help us. Case in point…on my first blog I mentioned that I was divorced but wasn’t going to flame my ex here. I could for destroying my life…LOL…but I don’t. For two reasons…ONE…he is the father of my children and he is a good father to them. TWO…yeah maybe he did stuff but ultimately how I deal with that is on me…not him. When we separated I vowed to myself that I would be better, stronger…I’d rebuild (Hmmm maybe I should have called myself the Bionic Woman…2nd favorite Super Hero!!!) In order to do that I had to focus on me and not blame other for what I can or can’t do. It’s the same with losing weight…I could go on about how this or that kept me fat (folks you can’t call it Baby Weight if the Baby is heading to Kindergarten) but ultimately only I had the power to change and become the skinny bitch my friends now call me (LOVE YOU GUYS!!!)

2.       Impressing – I’m pretty modest considering I’m Cuban…that may only be funny if you’re Cuban J but let me tell you something for some reason growing up in my culture the flash can appear to be valued more than the substance. I never hear through the Cuban gossip grapevine about how so and so is making a difference curing people of monkey poxes J. I hear how much money who makes, where this person lives, how big is their house, what kinda of car they drive…and then I wonder why my therapist said I had to live an authentic life J People love the real you…warts and all…so be yourself…impress me that way J

3.       Clinging – Ah Men smell a clingy bitch from a mile away J Her name is insecure and if she keeps it up she’ll never be essing some major D…well she will…but she won’t get a phone call the next day ;) I’m not just talking about moves to hook up with some dude, insecure is insecure and it invades all aspects of your life. I was insecure (says Wonder Woman ;)) and it sucks…To be afraid of being afraid…to not take chances…to not get what you want…SUCKS!!! Don’t hold on to something that does not work be it a man, a job, a lifestyle. Girls life is too short to live day in and day out doing the same thing you hate over and over again just cause its comfortable. I know this cause I lived it…don’t waste time!!!

4.       Interrupting – Guilty!!! I do this CONSTANTLY…I have some serious A.D.D. and sometimes if I don’t get the thought out I will lose it…grrr… its rude. Its shows I’m not listening, I’m just worried about what I’m saying. Its not my intention but that’s how it comes across. It’s a struggle to be sure but we all want to be heard…so I have to remember to shut up, breath, listen and FOCUS…squirrel…dammit Liz…focus!!! J

5.       Whining – Whining is not talking out your problems…its just, well whining. I used to whining about my weight…”I’m so fat”; “I can’t believe this store doesn’t sell size 18 LONG” blah, blah. Blah…I did that for years but until I stopped and did something about it…I would have remained the same weight forevah. DO…DON’T WHINING..much anyway J

6.       Controlling – Ladies all we can control is us…we can’t control others…even Wonder Woman does not possess the power of mind control (though the lasso of truth is mighty kick ass!!!) The article I read mentioned that control is short term at best and requires force, fear, authority and pressure…I don’t know about you but that does not sound HOT, FUN nor a recipe for happiness. Today Emily wanted to wear her black boots instead of her brown boots. I knew the outfit she was wearing would look soooooo cute with the brown boots so instead of just letting her wear the black boots…I told her she HAD to wear the brown ones. Crying and yelling followed and for what? The black boots would have been fine but I had the vision in my head and Emily was not following my vision so I use the Mom card J Now granted I’m the Mom I have to keep her safe and help her become a good productive citizen…but she could have worn the black boots…I was just being controlling and all it got me was tears…bleh!!!

7.       Criticizing – Ah don’t ya just love this one!!! One day long ago my ex was leaving the house wearing a ripped up sweat shirt. I thought it looked ridiculous but he seemed happy about it (WHAT!!! HOW DARE HE BE HAPPY LOL) so in all my wisdom (bitchiness) I said “Are you REALLY gonna wear that?” with that I not only took the joy out of wearing that sweatshirt away…I made him feel bad. Why did I do it…cause I was mad at him (I can’t even remember why now!!!) We hurt those that we love…it sucks but we do it. Next time your Hubby is doing something silly and you can see the joy in his face…don’t use that time to knock him down…Talk to him about what is bothering you in a constructive way cause guess what. Lets say the marriage doesn’t work out…if you have kids…YOU STILL HAVE TO TALK TO HIM…so figure it out one way or another before gun play is involved ;) Same with friends and family…talk don’t criticize!!! Remember there but for the grace of God go I.

8.       Preaching – Well darn it now I have to go back and rewrite this whole thing ;) Truly I only speak from my own experience…I know just about as much or more likely less than you. When you start telling people this or that is how it MUST be, the less they will likely listen (at least that’s how I see it J ) or talk to you for that matter… so good luck living alone in your glass house. The party is at my house…join us J

9.       Dwelling – If I dwelt on my failures I wouldn’t even get outta bed. I think having parents that came here from another country really helps with the not dwelling. My parents had a great life back in Cuban…then ol’ Fidel had to ruin that. Who could really blame them if they wanted to dwell on the wrongs of the past…but no…they looked forward. My Dad is definitely the family visionary…he has the gift of seeing possibilities and its one that he gave me (THANK GOD!!!) my Mom who has always had faith in my Dad’s vision followed…and here we are living the American dream in Chicago J  My parents have built a life that most people born and raised here would envy. They have had a long (55 years two weeks ago) and happy marriage…they don’t dwell on the negative in life…they dwell in the positive…they raise each other up and if I get lucky someday I will find someone to do that with as well.

10.   Fearing – Ladies fear is the most insidious one of all and if you don’t change anything else…stop being fearful!!! I’ll let you in on a little fear of mine. I am dating someone I like very much and it freaks me out J We haven’t had the “where is this going” talk cause quite frankly I’m not there yet. Neither is he but I think I wanna have that talk with him somewhere down the road and I’m not sure how I’m going to go about it when the time comes. I’ve been pretty fearless with him so far (the sexting alone would melt your eyes J) so my plan is to just keep going that route but I fear the day that I have to have the talk…UGH!!! But I’m working on it…Work on your fears too and if you have any advice for me and my fear…throw it my way J

Have a great weekend…we’ll talk again Monday (or before then if I get so inspired!!!) I have to RIP it tonight and running in the morning…send me your good vibes!!! 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Uh Mr President, Governer Romney...YOU'RE KILLING ME!!!"

So the first Presidential debate is tonight...I can't miss it!!! I'm a bit of a political nut job...I trace it back to Ronald Reagan winning the Presidency in 1980...yeah I remember 1980...I'm 40 though I like to call it 20 with a past life ;) Anyway I was pretty psyched that he won (I was a Republican til I was 17...then I became a Liberal...don't hate...I don't hate you for being Conservative...or a Fascist Anarchist...or whatever your leanings :)) it was my 9th birthday and I was sporting some tres cool Miss Piggy PJs that forward many years later and I still get sucked into this process every time!!!

My problem with the debate isn't who will win or whose got the better quips...its how am I gonna fit it into my crazy schedule...cause remember this is my its all about Wonder Woman ;) Here what usually happens on my weeknights...

Running the gauntlet goes like this....

  • Leave work at 4:50 - thats exactly 3 minutes after my boss leaves... it looks good that I stay later :)
  • Hoof it to Washington/Wells Brown Line Stop (thats Chicago Transit speak :) ) whilst trying not to get run over by suburban commuters heading the other way towards the Metra (Suburb commute line)
  • Get on the Brown Line (by 5:08) and go ALL THE WAY around the Loop (City trains go around the city in a loop so thats why we call it THE LOOP) you native Chicagoans are thinking..."LIZ, take the Purple Line...its faster"...Yeah its faster and every Northsider knows it too (I live on the Northside of Chicago...the AWESOME side ;) that train is sooooo full, people fall out of it at every clown cars are less full!!
  • Get to my stop, get in the car pick up the girls IN A BIG DAMM HURRY!!!!
  • Run to the door of the school and pray I don't hear the church bells (our neighbor church bells toll at exactly 6pm which is also the end of pick up time...if the bells are ringing so are the cash registers at my daughters afterschool care....with late fees :) its ok...I get it...we have to be there on time, they have lives too. )
  • Go to the Cafeteria where Mia and Emily have not only taken out EVERYTHING in their backpacks but manage to spread them around the room. While I'm running around helping to collect their stuff I am signing them out...listening for the 11th millionth time "Mom, why do you always pick us up so late" ....ah the Guilt Fairy strikes again!!! 
  • Get in the car...while I'm putting bags away they are both talking a mile a minute...sigh...WOMEN ;)...I swear yesterday my daughter told me about a friend of hers that hit her head on the wrought iron fence while I'm getting us in the car with backpacks, jackets, making sure we don't get run over (this is the city mind parking lots...EVER!!!) and my there but not there brain said "Thats nice sweetie"
  • Get us home...these two would stay in the car forever but all I have to do is say "Last one to the door is a rotten egg!!!" and you'd have thought the Kentucky Derby just got underway. My oldest LOVES to torture my youngest and has to add "Last two are the rotten eggs" and it never fails..Emily screams inconsolably til I say "Last ONE Mia!!!" this is usually followed by the two of them fighting at the door and my yelling at them to stop it!!! AH BLISS!!!
  • Ok we are through the door...Emily's job is to pick up the mail but I have to remind her. "Emily get the mail"...."Moooooom why doesn't Mia ever get the mail?!?! I'm holding so much stuff!!!" (she says in a SHRILL whilst holding her lunchbag?!?!) meanwhile I'm trying to get through the door with my bag, Mia's backpack, their jackets, the keys are still in my hand!!! ARE YOU F'ING KIDDING ME EMILY...its in my head but of course WONDER MOMMY wouldn't say that :)
  • Now we are in....everyone (including Mom) drops everything in the entry...Mia sprints to her room, closes the door and turns on Harry Potter (insert part 1-6 here :)) Emily is off like a shot to the toy room. I gotta get dinner!!!
  • Would be helpful if we all ate the same food but the girls are PICKY...last night I had Grilled Chicken, Asparagus and some Spanish rice. The girls had Baked Chicken Nuggets (go me for baking them and not nuking them :) ) Spanish rice (they LOVE it) and Green Beans.
  • The girls set the table..we sit down to eat and we talk about our day (I LOVE THIS PART OF THE DAY...its also where I actually paid attention to the story about the girl who hit her head on the wrought iron fence..."WHAT?!!?" :) Two Mom...I play moderator "Now Emily, its Mia's turn to talk about her day" 
  • Clear the table...sorta... and go over homework...move around the food that has been left over...then clean off the rest as I go. I was lucky Mia only had Math homework...I'm still OK with 5th grade Math...but this stuff is hard. She and I are also burned out from a long day so we argue (fun arguing to be sure "Mia I can't read what you wrote"..."Mom, maybe you need're old"...give her a death look "So is your teacher so you better make this legible"..."Mom my teacher is 23 (WTF!!!! Mommy says in her head ;)) and what does legible mean?"...and the hits just keep coming :) Emily meanwhile is feeling left out so she makes up homework to do to hang out with us...this leads to fight number 103 for the day between the two of them. I am also suffering from the affliction that I call Mia - Emily and Emily - Mia...ugh...would help if they didn't look so much alike!!!
  • Homework done...time to pick up...HI...MY NAME IS LIZ...I'M A CLOSET NEAT FREAK. My mind cant settle when my house is tore up from the floor up so gotta get that in order. Emily draws, Mia is watching Harry Potter again....though they know I will be hollering out their names to come help pick up!!! House is picked up, dishes are washed...SIGH...What!!! Its 9pm!?!? Time to get Emily to bed and me into my workout clothes. By 9:30 I've read her two stories and she's OUT!!!
  • Check on Mia...she's on the computer playing dress up Jennifer Lawrence from the Hunger Games...Already in her jammies we play a Design Your Room game on (dont recommend the site unless you have a MAC...lots of bugs) I get hugs and kisses and not sarcasm and rolling eyes (She's entered Tweendoom way too soon :)) actually she's amazing...they both are...just this growing up thing is tough. Leave her reading Harry Potter (she goes in phases...all Summer it was Hunger Games, now we are back to Harry Potter) while I go workout.
  • Thrown Down with Jillian Michaels for 20+ mins
  • Peel my beat down ass off the floor and hobble to the shower...hear laughing...WTH? Mia is STILL up reading...kid is a NIGHT OWL!! Go in, ask what is so funny...she tells me in an English accent (this kid KILLS me!!!) kiss her goodnight again...she tells me I'm all sweaty...I notice she's scratching her arm (ahhhh eczema you BEEOTCH) get her eczema cream...rub it on her arm...what was I doing...oh yeah SHOWER.
  • Crawl into bed...deciding whether on not to catch up with Boardwalk Empire on Demand...decide yes because I need to see my MAN!!! Bobby Cannavale, playing a psycho. I'd watch or listen to Bobby do ANYTHING. He narrates books...if he reads the 2012  tax laws, I'm downloading that shit!!! He reminds me of a guy I dated years ago that I let get away so I'm reminded of that guy everytime I see Bobby and it makes me there :)
  • Turn out the lights...the party is over...GOODNIGHT IRENE!!! 
So tell me am I to carve out an hour or so for Obama and Romney?? Anyone want some cute kids to babysit? I'm thinking it may have to be pizza tonight (for them while I lust after it and eat salmon) quick homework check...super quick baths....Emily is easier with this...Mia not so much!!! And a movie from the Redbox that they can watch together in my room...hmmm good plan...I think..did the A-Team go through this (Love it when a plan comes together :) )?? I wonder. This decsion would be alot easier if Bobby Cannavale were overdubbing both Obama and Romney voices...then I could close my eyes and it becomes debate porn chickawawa!! :) 

HUGS ALL and thanks for the kind words yesterday!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

 The Marvelous Mia!!! I am in sooooo much trouble!!!
The Amazing Emily!!! :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nice title...arrogant much? :)

So I'm driving myself nuts trying to come up with a blog name. My first one was Single Mom in the City...but  that just didn't work...too overdone I thought...besides I'm from Chicago :) Then I thought about why I wanted to blog in the first place...I mean we've all got a story right...mine is quite honestly discovering my inner Wonder Woman or rediscovering her. When I was a kid she was my FAVORITE I could identify with a dark haired amazon since I am a dark haired amazon (5'11...holla to all my tall girls out there!!!) Most girls start out I believe thinking they are special and amazing, if they are fortunate enough to have great families who make them feel that way. I think its about fifth grade when girls start to lose that...they lose their innner Wonder Woman to puberity ;) I became a skinny, tall, gawky, head in the clouds, sensitive kid. I won't bore you with the trials of tween and teenhood...needless to say I survived and I'm still smiling...instead lets fast forward to  2009 cause that is where my story really starts.

In the fall of 2009 my husband of eight years and I separated. It was at that point that I started to reclaim my life. I could trash him in this blog but I won't...takes two in a marriage and besides this isn't his story :) When he left he moved into a smaller place and took what he needed...and the flat screen TV :) (I had to get one little jab in :) ) but he left a WHOLE bunch of stuff I started my new boxing his stuff and putting them in my basement storage. I don't know why but making the closet, all the drawers and basically our home, became my first step in finding myself. Its cliche to be sure, but  who was I (oh where hast thou gone Wonder Woman)? Its not a question I had dared to ask myself in a long time. I had been so wrapped up in having very young children, working full time, keeping my family financially afloat, trying to figure out how to make my marriage work that ME was the last thing I was concerned with until ME was all I had left (on the nights my daughters would be with their father) I was numb...its the best way to describe it...not angry, sad, elated...numb.

I do remember when I felt like I was going to be was a few months later. My family was never big on Thanksgiving...Cubans don't celebrate it (if they did the pilgrims would have known better and brought una pata de puerco y arroz con frillos :) ) and my family usually ate with friends on this holiday. I assumed my girls would go with their Dad to their grandparents but I got thrown a curve ball. My ex asked me to take the girls for the Thanksgiving holiday because his parents were busy building their new home and weren't going to be able to have it at their house. His sister was going through her own divorce so what now? I remember getting on the phone with my mom and we decided to have our first annual thanksgiving so the girls wouldn't miss out on the holiday :) I love my folks so much for doing that for us. I make fun of them a whole'll see if you stick with me but I know there is nothing they wouldn't do for me and my girls. If unconditional love is in the dictionary, my parents picture is right there. At first it was just going to be me, the girls and my parents...but it became us plus my two brothers, my brother Jorge's wife (my brother Mario is a forever bachelor) and their 3 grown kids...thank goodness my sister-in-law brought over a ham :) It was one of the best thanksgivings I remember having ever. That was the night I knew I was going to be ok.

I went to therapy, redecorated my apartment, made friends, rediscovered old friends, went on a date, and then another and learned to and out and enjoy my life. After a while the years of having my head down and plowing through were gone...I was resolved to enjoy the HELL out of my life!!! One thing though while on the inside Wonder Woman was back :) She wasn't looking at me in the mirror...instead this very overweight version of me was there...not just overweight but out of shape, pasty skinned...the whole package was looking shabby. Still though the changes I needed to make on the outside didn't hit me hard until I was at my parents house one day putting together their very sophisticated new scale. I stepped on it...236.6...WHAT?!?!? that can't be right? At my heaviest I was 226...I can't be 236...let alone 236.6. I had my daughter get on it....73lbs (that was right...she had just been to the doctor for a wellness check the week before) After she left to go play in her grandparents yard I was left in the bathroom sobbing on the floor. My weight was creeping up and if I didn't do something not only was I never going to look better but at 38 my health was going to decline big time. I needed to stay alive for my kids, my family for me and if I was determined to live the best life possible then shouldn't I look and feel the best that I can? These idea were swirling in my head and I decided I was gonna go to Weight Watchers. I had done it before and lost 20lbs in my late 20s...why couldn't it work now. I wish I could say I had the foresight of making small goals as a strategy towards my ultimate weight loss but here is the truth. I was soooooo behind the 8 ball that I could only deal with my weight problem by taking it one step at a time. I couldn't think about how I needed to lose 40lbs at least...ok 60lbs. Literally I went to the first meeting, signed up and then made a plan to come to the second meeting...and that is how it went for a few months I kept going to meetings week after week...and I started losing.

It was at one of these meetings in the Summer of 2011 that my WW leader talked about folks...exercise and me...never have mixed. I had gotten along til my 20s without it thanks to my genetics that made me appear thin. I was now so out of shape that I could only walk :) but there again a funny thing started to arms got thinner, my legs and thighs started to shrink. It was like "Oh you mean eating less and moving more actually works??? Do people know about this???" I went humming along on this high til the you know what winters are like in Chicago?!? They suck giant, sweaty, hairy, smelly balls!!! I hit a wall big time!!! In the Sandra Bullock movie "28 Days" she is told that when she gets into trouble with her addiction she needs to ask for help. Asking for help was not in my vocabulary. If I can't fix the problem myself, I can't ask for help...I can put on a brave smile but thats it...this of course is where going to therapy helped. I remember my therapist said "Liz, you need to live a more authentic life...let people in!!" So I did...reached out to my friends on Facebook and boy did they come through for me...and from there I got more support than I ever thought possible and it opened doors I would have never thought of.

So I've lost 60lbs (going for another 10lbs!!!), I am having the time of my life and I've learned there is no finish just keeps going so why not blog about it cause Rediscovering Wonder Woman is never done...hence my blog it? I promise my next entry won't be nearly as long :)