Monday, October 15, 2012

Catching up with Wonder Woman...muhahaha :)

Hi All J

Sorry I’ve been away but it was a wild week last week, had to take a breather. So to catch you up I put things in to their own compartments…otherwise it just sounds like a stream of consciousness J

1.       Staying Fit….I’m still fighting the good fight. I’ve been combining Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 with her Yoga Meltdown and training for the Hot Chocolate 5k next month…BREATH!!! Its been going ok…need to get more disciplined and find the time but I’m doing it. Getting to the point in my weight loss, keeping fit  journey where I’m just seeing my flaws and getting discouraged…its been such a long road…I sometimes wonder if maybe I can’t do this…then I think…SERIOUSLY…this is the thinnest you’ve been since you were College…shut up and keep going J I may have to have a talk with the ass and thigh fairy though J She’s still way too generous J. I’m between 7 and 5lbs from my latest (and last) goal…kill me now!!!!

2.       My girlies!!! They are FAB!!! The best parts of my life. Its been an interesting challenge this last month having them on my own. When their Dad still lived close by we split the week evenly but since he’s moved three hours away…now they are with him every other weekend. My parents have pitched in to help…which has been great though I try not to abuse that too much. My parents are 76 and 79 respectively so while the girls are a bit older they can still be a handful and I feel guilty having my folks babysit too much. My mom cracked me up the other day when she said “If only I were 60!!” Oh yeah Mom the good ol days when you’d take on the world J My mommie friends have been amazing pitching in…even if only to listen to me whine ;) Overall though everything has been great.

3.       My so-called life…Social life came to a big halt after the summer was over…I still have my moments here and there but I’m kinda of enjoying the scale back. Still having fun dating my adorable guy (he really does hate it when I say he’s adorable…but he is!!!) People ask me if he’s my boyfriend, where are we going with this…whats going on…BLAH, BLAH, BLAH J Well…I do like him a lot, we have a great time together and that’s good for now. I don’t know ladies…everytime I think about sharing my life with someone I feel like someone has a vice grip on my throat (and not in a hot way…did anyone see Broadwalk Empire last night?!?! Damm Bobby!!! Now he could make me reconsider having more babies ;) ) I don’t know when that will go away. I’ve been asked if I’m worried, given my age (GRRRRRR!!!!) about finding someone to spend the rest of my life with…well…no J truly. There is an old saying that goes “Mejor sola que mal acompanada” which translated means its better to be alone than in bad company…and that is the GAWDS HONEST TRUTH there ladies!!! If I don’t find my SUPERMAN (give or take some silly flaws J ) then whats the point. This is not saying I will not leave my heart open…I am…but I won’t settle.

4.       Men in my life that HAVE GOT TO GO!!! I have been fortunate since my divorce to date some really nice guys and some not so nice ones. I have the misfortune (sigh J)  of being too nice…so some of them I’m still in touch with. There must have been something in the air cause THEY ALL CONTACTED ME THIS WEEKEND!!!!  and truly I wanna say “Its been nice knowin’ ya’…don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way OUT!!!” First off…REALLY!!! Call me on a Friday or Saturday to do something THAT DAY???? LAMEBALLS!!!! I actually ended up on my own Saturday night but working out, a good book and bath, was still a better option than these MAMALUKES (I was reading the Godfather…the Italian slang is rolling J) Wanna know something sad…most of these guys have made their reappearance in the last six months…hmmm…seems like word got out that I lost 60lbs J Ugh and they are sooooo transparent that its my appearance that has them suddenly interested. This maybe paranoia on my part but another thing and this really makes me mad… I think, that they have it in minds that because I have kids…my options on limited…so they can swoop in and offer a lousy deal and I’ll be so desperate I’ll take it….WTF!!! So not only am I not interested…they make me physical sick…PLEASE BOYS…DO ME AND YOURSELVES A FAVOR…LOSE MY NUMBER J

So this week…hmmm…working from home tomorrow (I LOVE MY JOB!!!!) the girls and I are getting haircuts…Mia wants bangs (I’ll post pics J ) using this to get her to cut a few inches off as well (I’ll take 2 J ) Emily is getting a trim as well…ME…long layers a few inches…nothing too special. Wednesday School Pictures…three screaming women in a bathroom…and they are 10 and 5…whaddaamIgonnado when they are 18 and 13!!! I told Mia we’d have two bathrooms…one for me and one for them. She says “Mom…you’re gonna leave two teenage girls in ONE BATHROOM?!?!? We’ll fight and kill each other” my oh so motherly sage comment “What the heck do I care, I’ll be in my bathroom", Thursday…School Open House (its like Kiddie Disco Night ;) ) Friday…MOVIE NIGHT at home…”And Hulk…SMASH!!!”, Saturday Pumpkin Patch and running for the Wisconsin Boarder to see if I can get my traitor kids Packers costumes…GRRRR…I’m a Bears Fan and my oldest daughter is a Packer Fan…MY HEART!!!!...I blame her father and aunt for this one…I know I’m not trashing my ex or his sister but DAMMIT!!! J Emily is still a Bears Fan but we are trick or treating with another family (then there is a party with Beer and Chill for the grown ups!!! J I think the kids will be banished to the basement to come down off the sugar high…is it wrong to bar the door to the upstairs??!!!!”) The other kids are going as Bears players so my kids have to constrast…don’t ask me…the kids came up with this…I’m just their BITCH ;) 

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  1. Busy much? Take a breather is right! LOVE the blog... but I think you meant the WI "border" not "boarder" :P
    Hugs to you ~ Catia