Monday, October 29, 2012

Did ya miss me? Cause I'm getting smaller :) and now I'm VAIN ;)

Sorry ladies, had a combination of writers block and crazy schedule going on last week. I kept wanting to say something but something kept tearing me, even more likely and having fun...that too :)

I had a perfect weekend! Full of friends, good times, family and ended curled up with my girlies before bed last night. SO I DID IT!!! Went as Wonder Woman this year (most thought it was my costume...but its my secret identity as we all know) Had thought about going all out..really spending it up and getting the Linda Carter knock off copy...but in the end...the Partycity version won out. Can I tell you the Wonder Woman costume is POPULAR...couldn't find it anywhere....for a few weeks I would randomly check Party City(s) and they were all out. Funny enough I have a Party City right down my street and thats where I found mine. When I got the costume it was at about this time that the idea that I'm a size MEDIUM sank in.
Don't know what I'm so happy about...oh yeah...I LOOK GOOD LOL

Girls...I've been a large most of my life (I'm tall so there is a length thing) I have a large frame...ugh, have I mentioned how much I hate that term...its like saying I'm big boned...can't they come up with something better? Anyway most costumes, in my experience, tend to run small so I was sure I needed a Wonder Woman costume size large. I tried the large Wonder Woman costume and it was baggie and just didn't fit I tried on the meduim...bit snug to get around my pear shape...think I'm going to say I'm genie bottle shaped ;) but the fit was GREAT...IN MEDIUM...WOOHOO!!! After that I really started to notice...I'm not a large...I'M NOT A LARGE?!?! I think we all have that feeling when we are losing weight...especially when you lose ALOT of weight...your physical state changes faster than your mental state. Here is an example...for years I HATED having my picture taken. I missed out on taking alot of picture s because I was so overweight I hated looking at myself. This weekend I went to a halloween party and I ended up posting a TON of pics on my facebook page...LOL. My friends looked so great I wanted to share but then it dawned on me...I didn't look too bad either. I still cringe when friends tag me in a picture on much so that I immediately check (so as to detag myself :) ) and not a bad picture in the bunch that caused me grief. I catch myself looking at myself in the mirror because I've the mythical Narcissus ;) (Damm Liz Wonder Woman now this...vain beeotch!!!) actually...its because I'm still that really me?? I did that at the gym last night (helps that the place is FULL OF MIRRORS) ...other than a band around my midsection of stubborn, stubborn...STUBBORN fat that I may name Ann Coulter cause its annoying as hell and never seems to go away...just like her (plus it appeals to my sense of irony to name my ugly fat after a skinny beeotch who is ugly inside and out) I think I'm buying into the fact that I'm thin (HOLY CRAP!!!) my year and a half of sweat, eating paying off!!!
Seriously I have freakin gorgeous friends :)

Ok so I'm'm freaked out about relapsing...that may be a good will keep me on my toes. I definitely feel that something that has helped is to view this as a lifestyle...not a race....there is no finish line...yeah there is me staring at mirrors unbelievingly or seeing pictures of myself and not recoiling :) but this is something that I (and likely you) will have to keep working on for the rest of my life...sigh...guess its true what they say...if it were easy...everyone would be staring at themselves in the mirror and smiling...HOW ANNOYING ;) More on my freaking out later :)


  1. You look AMAZING! Love the costume... And, when are we going to see you with a pic of Mr. Grey? Yep, that's what I'm calling him 'cause I don't know his name... ha ha ha
    ~ Catia