Thursday, November 1, 2012

I think I need oxygen!!!

Hello Ladies….

I know I know…I said I’d post yesterday…but I have an excuse…the dog ate my computer? The answer is 12? I’m sorry :( Iwas one of the two things on my to do list I couldn’t finish…but just in case you think I sat around all day…THINK AGAIN!!!!

I knew taking Halloween off work would be a good idea. I toyed around with the idea of working from home instead of taking the day off…but I would have needed to pay attention to work stuff and that WOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED given all I had to do. Here is the the list and what happened:

1.      Get the girls ready for Halloween – My beautiful daughters betrayed me with their costumes….they went as a Green Bay Packers Player and Cheerleader. My oldest daughter was going to dress up as Aaron Rodgers, their quarterback, but then she fell in love with some Green Bay PJ pants so her official costume was “Aaron Rodgers wakes up late on Sunday and is running to Lambeau before game time” My hope is he doesn’t make it and the Bears crush them 45-0 but I keep this thought to myself….after all I was the Hoodwinked Bears Fan that drove them up to Kenosha WI to buy this CRAP…I mean outfits :) I LOVE MY KIDS, I LOVE MY KIDS!!!!

Cute Little Traitors!!! :)

2.      Go get breakfast at Dunkin Donuts – Me and the girls are not what you’d call morning people…in fact on the weekends we are lucky to get out the door to do anything by noon…but mention donuts or bacon and WE’RE OFF!!! Plus I was off work and feeling like have some fun. Did you know Dunkin Donuts has Red Velvet Munchkins?!?!? I had ONE…plus a coffee (skim milk with Splenda (sweetner naysayers…I know)!!! The girls had 20…BLEH...I should feel bad letting them have that much sugar…but truthfully I’m thinking as one famous mom said many years ago “From 8 to 3 they are the State’s Problem!!”and then sent them on their blissful, Packer loving, sugar high way.

3.      Buy treats for their classes  Yeah I should have done this already…but I didn’t…I knew I had the time off and they weren’t having their class parties til the afternoon. No edible treats (ARGH!!!!) so I’m on a mission to buy Halloween pencils and notebooks. Nothing at the Dollar Store so I run to Target next door…do you know what happens at these stores on Halloween morning? They begin putting out Christmas stuff!?!?!?! I did manage to find Halloween gift bags, glow sticks and stickers…good enough…better do some groceries too…geez I am out of everything…one hour and a couple of hundred dollars later, I’m out the door….

4.      Assemble gift bags…oh and put away the groceries before they melt – Groceries put away…breakout into a sweat assembling gift bags…notice the time…ACK…10:15…by 10:20 they are ready to go…I’m out the door…drive two blocks (LIZ!!! WTF!!!) drop the gift bags at school….MOTHER OF THE YEAR!!!!

5.      GO VOTE – I run out of the school…slide across the hood of my car, jump in and go vote (Ok lying about my bad ass hood sliding…but how KEWL would that have been!!!)…meanwhile my friend Laura is calling me about some funny pic on Facebook…OMG…someone posted something about me!?!? (YES LIZ…cause the world revolves around you!!!! ;) ) she says its not about me (WHAT!!! …then why do I care? :) )  its just funny and I need to download it now!!! So yes…I AM DRIVING AND MESSING WITH MY PHONE….CHICAGO PD…COME AND GET ME!!! Can’t download the darn thing cause my phone doesn’t want to cooperate…get to the early voting place…tell Laura I’ll download it later and call her (Yeah…forgot the whole conversation before I hit “END” on my phone) run in to vote…the line is out the door. I swear…audibly :o everyone looks up….I book out the door (that was the other thing I didn’t get done on my to do list!!!)

6.      Buy a License Plate Sticker…which expires…TODAY :)- Leave the early voting place after saying “WTF!!!” so loudly I think President Obama heard it (Mr. President…I apologize…I am voting for you once the line gets shorter!!! :)) I can’t go to my local currency exchange OH NO…that would be too easy. My car required emissions test proof so I gotta go downtown…meh…its 10 mins away…no problem…its 10:45…I’ll be back before the 1pm Halloween Show at school. I’ll get that done and go to the farmers market out there and get my veggies…I know you are thinking “LIZ…NOOOOOO THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN DO IT!!!”…UMM…did I mention…I am WONDER WOMAN…beeeaches!!! :) stop at Starbucks and get a breakfast sandwich…eat it in the car…Buy my license plate sticker, get my veggies and got back home by 12:15…tidy up…put my exercise clothes on and THIS TIME…I walk the two blocks to school.

7.      Watch my youngest daughter in the Halloween show….AWWW she was soooooo cute…she is one of the tallest kindergarteners so she’s easy to spot on stage…I know those of you that know my 5’11 @ss are SHOCKED that my kids are tall. Not only is she tall but sooooo expressive…a born ham!!! She was wonderful!!! I toy with the idea of skipping out after she’s done but there is the parade right after…grrr…but the show zooms by in an hour. I almost fall asleep cause it’s the most sitting I’ve done all day :)

8.      Watch the Halloween parade….bless my kid’s school for making this brief…plus look at my girl!!! She was so happy to see meworth every minute :) Its 2:15…if I go to the gym now…I can get my 5k run and strength training in before picking up the girls at 4:30pm.
Look...she wanted a hug!!! KID KILLS ME!!!!

9.      Workout – Get to the gym…won’t lie…this was tough…I’m already running on empty so I gutted out that 5k on the treadmill . Watched “Jersey Shore” while running….FIST PUMP!!!. 5K done…strength training in the workout studio….ah the studio is empty. I love the mirrors in there cause they do really help with keeping form…but I am fighting through this…my body is SCREAMING to stop but I keep going until the very end…when I came up from a stretch…I saw stars…literally…UH OH…I’m going to faint!?!? I’m going to pass out in the studio which is separate from the rest of the gym and no one will find me for hours :0…wonder if the hot owner will give me mouth to mouth…sadly we will never know :) I managed to recover and not faint…Its 3:30 thank GAWD I live in the city and there is a Starbucks downstairs. Get my skinny Pumpkin Spice latte….I feel like a $100 now:)

10.     Get home and shower…my chest hurts?!?! OMG am I have a heartattack? (NO LIZ YOU’VE HAD ONE BREAKFAST SANDWICH ALLLL DAY and THREE GIANT COFFEES…you are over caffeinated and under fed :)) shower…put on my mommy-fied Wonder Woman costume. Mia would not allow me to show any skin so I had to put on cuddle duds under my costume.

11.     Pick up the girls – HA…only running 5 mins late to get the girls. Mia whacks her head in her hand when she sees me in my costume as though to say I’m embarrassing her (SCORE!!!!)

12.     Go to my friend Denise’s house for the Halloween Festivities…if there is a Heaven, it feels a lot like my friend Denise’s house…I LOVE GOING THERE…she always has food, alcohol and a smile. She is the kind of person that just makes you feel good by knowing her…asking anyone…who doesn’t like Denise?!? If they don’t I’m going to kick their ass!!! J My girls LOVE going to Denise’s house too…they go to school with her three wonderful kids…if I were a lost kid on Halloween night…I’d want to end up at Denise’s house:) anyway…you get the picture :) She’s even got a Weight Watchers receipe chill ready to go…she’s AMAZBALLS!!!

13.     Trick or Treating…12 kids, 5 grown ups, stomach full of chill and some wine…LETS DO THIS MUTHA!!! We live in one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago for trick or treating….one of the 758 things I love out my city :) After an hour we come back to Denise’s…the kids do a candy trade…hmmm…where’d that wine go??

14.     Trick or Treating Part Deaux…thinking that only the older kids would want to go, we plan on some more trick or treating…ALL the kids want to go…WE’RE OFF…after another hour  and we’re back in. I get a Sam Adams Oktoberfest beer, sit on the couch while Denise puts together a trougth of pizza for me to take home…did I mention she’s AMAZBALLS?!?!

15.     Get home and go through the kid’s candy…the collection was staggering….so we decided to donate a bunch of candy to the Troops…here’s a great story for you…the candy goes overseas, the troops have some but they also carry it with them and give to kids who have never had candy. We had a huge bag of candy to donate. The girls also made a pile of Kit Kat bars and Reese Peanut Butter Cups to give to their Dad. Even so…still plenty of candy that I’ll finally throw out next Spring. :)

16.     EVERYONE GO TO SLEEP….GO TO SLEEP!!!! – “Mommy PULLLEASE read me a story!!!” I’m just about comatose but ok…ONE STORY!!! I read to Emily and put her to bed…glitter and make up on her face (I’ll get it in the morning!!!)

17.     Kiss Mia goodnight

18.     Climb into Bed!!! COMA...SNOOOOOORRREEEE!!!!

One of the best Halloween’s ever!!!!

This weekend HOT CHOCOLATE 5K BAYBEE!!!!


  1. LOVE IT! Can't wait for you to tell us how the Hot Chocolate race goes! I hope it's at least sunny for all the runners!