Saturday, November 17, 2012

If this was easy...everyone would be a size 2!!!

Ugh...having one of those weeks....I feel like I am eating everything in site. I've even been hitting the kids Halloween Candy....they have a stash of their Dad's favorite candy set aside to give him this weekend...I've been eating out of it...hit bottom on my 2nd Kit Kat last night thinking ...F$%K HIM!!! :)

I gained 3lbs over the last week. I might have mentioned that I do Weight Watchers, which I LOVE!!! Just going every week and getting on the scale is huge for me...sometimes I stay for the meetings...other times no but I'm reminded when I fall off the wagon how important it is to track. I am pretty good after a year of being aware of what I eat but no one is perfect. I thought I was doing ok but when I started tracking again I realized I was really EATING through those points :)

Soooo what am I gonna do about it...sigh :) I'm gonna do what Frank Sinatra says..."pick myself up and get back in the race"

Btw I have a great picture of him on my refrigerator...its a post card of Frank back in his super cool era with a caption that says "This is Frank's World and we're just living in it" I love that...its so ballsy :) kinda of like I live my life now :) I have to say this being in my 40s thing...kinda of rocks :) I was always so insecure when I was younger and then my 30s ...meh, but now!!! LOOK THE F*&K OUT CAUSE HERE I AM!!! :)

Funny thing is just feeling that way, other people buy into it...I don't think I've ever gotten as much attention or compliments as I do now (from Men and Women)....yeah I'm thinner but thats not all. I look good but I feel good too and I think thats what I put out there and it is coming back to me. I say what I feel, I don't hold back...I'm not a bitch about it or anything (at least I don't think I am :) ) but I'm not going to hold back.  I recently told sorta BF that this is the happiest I've been in my life...He said "Thank you"...I rolled my eyes...I said "Yeah're part of it but so is this amazing feeling that my life is my own"

Yep I am the captain of my ship!!! So better hit the gym, eat healthy....throw the candy overboard and hey everyone!!! Margaritas on the main deck!!!

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  1. You are just being honest, not a bitch. I love the attitude! And, throw that candy away!!! Get back on track. Lastly... when is he going to be your "BF" and not your "sorta BF"? ;0)