Monday, November 5, 2012

My Calender MUST be Broken!!! but I'm thankful!!!

Ladies...I've not been looking forward to this day!!! Haven't been dreading it, just not looking forward to it. Today I am 41...WTF!!! How did that happen?!?! as much as I'd like to say the Calender is way off...its November 5, 2012....I came into the world on November 5, 1971...I guess I believe it due to the FAB fashions that everyone had on in the pictures surrounding my birth...even I wore a maxi skirt for my 1st birthday....either that or it was an early staging of "Anchorman - The Legend of Ron Burgundy" ;) Ok so you know what that means....Top Ten List of things that prove...I'm...sigh...41....

1. My driver's license says so...dammit!!! Oh also says I weigh what I did when I was 16...bwahahahaha!!!

2. My father's mutton chops, in my first b-day pics, eclipse Dan Fantana's in Anchorman  :)

3. The friday nights of my youth consisted of The Dukes of Hazzard at 7pm, Dallas at 8pm and Falcon Crest at 9pm...and it never crossed my parents mind not to let their 9 year old watch that stuff...LOL

4. I saw the original Star Wars at the movie theater and remember was at the Hillside Square (that dates me even more for those of you that know it...the last movie I ever saw there....The Blair Witch it a mega church LOL)

5. My brother (he's 14 years older than me...poor bastard ;)) brought a front loading Betamax that I remember watching Saturday Night Fever on....I was too young to see most of it but he'd fast forward to the dancing parts for me...I thought that was AMAZING :)

6. I remember riding in my father's 1974 Ford Pinto (I think it was rated one of the worst cars ever made...EVER!!!)

7. I remember when they played videos on MTV...and I watched it ALL THE TIME!!!

8. I was in love at some point with every member of Duran Duran and EVERYONE knew it!!!

9. I wore the following fashions: Gauchos, head bands, leg warmers, bell bottoms, parchute pants, Z Cavarrichis, Neon, Body suits, stretchy stirrup pants, Hammer pants, flannel, workboots, penny loafers, cowboy boots...

10. I've worn my hair in the following styles - The Dorothy Hamil, Long and hippie do as my mom liked to call it. Shag...think Jane Fonda in the 70s LOL, Perm!!! OH I LET MY SOUL GLOW!!! Straight with bangs (EPIC FAIL) THE RACHEL, FROSTED...yum lol, highlights, low lights...and now I'm just trying to hide the grays :)

Ok so I buy it I'm 41...BLEH...but here is my top ten list of things that make that knew it was coming...I love lists :)

1. I have never seen the number 200 on my scale in my forties :) I spent all of my 30s over two hundred pounds...and I plan on never seeing that number again.

2. Today I am wearing a dress that I wore on my 40th birthday except...this one is a size 8, that one was a size 14...HOLLA!!!

3. My oldest daughter told me I don't look a day over 31 and meant it...awww!!! She's getting a car ;)

4. My beautiful girls wished me a Happy Birthday this morning...they are my world!!!

5. I have amazing friends that fill me with such happiness...I wouldn't know what to do without them.

6. THIS is the happiest I've ever been

7. My sorta boyfriend is still in his 20s MUAHAHAHA!!!

8. I got a birthday cookie with Wonder Woman on it...SCORE!!!

9. Got on the scale..and wasthisclose to my goal weight!!!!

10. My life isn't any where near the ball park of perfect but I'm ok with that...I'll keep working on it but everyday I wake up with a sense of hope and a thrill to see whats coming...just hope I can keep that up for the next forty plus years!!!!


  1. Love this Liz! Happy Birthday - celebrate it big time! And, I also remember the Hillside Square movie theatre... sigh. I'm not going to even go into the fact that I was there when you fell in LOVE with Duran Duran and wore zCavs etc. One thing I'm glad for - Facebook and able to reconnect with grade school friends! HUGS!

  2. Z Cavarrichis!!!!!! I forgot about those.. LOL. Oh lizzie you are a beautiful person inside out, no matter your age! Love reading these.

  3. Happy birthday! I can totally agree with all the proofs of age, except I am 2 years behind you :P