Sunday, November 11, 2012

I think I feel myself expanding????

I think I have gotten so good at the “weight game” I know when I’ve gained…even if its only a pound or two.

WHAT A WEEK…and its only Wednesday!!! Stick a fork in me I am DOOOOONE!!!! I’ve got to shake it off and get back to my Wonder Woman-ness…to give you an idea of how out of energy I’ve been…

I haven’t read Emily a bedtime story this week, we skipped baths yesterday because I couldn’t deal with it and they smelled….OK... I didn’t review Mia’s homework yesterday or Monday (semester is over as of today…she’s getting As and Bs…MEH :) ) my car is such a mess right now…IT HAS TO BE CLEANED…plus there is an ODOR?!?! I can only imagine something got spilled because I can’t find the source…aka dead animal carcass. I keep forgetting to send beads, leaves and other assorted stuff for my youngest daughter’s art class (maybe one overachieving parent sent extras and she can use those) the laundry is piling up, I must puck my eyebrows before they meet in the middle for the that hot unibrow look!!! And I’m pretty sure after all my fabulous eating thing week and no working out…I’m up a pound or two…or four ;) 

Why so out of it….here’s why….

Monday…after a mini bday celebration with the girls (my youngest wasn’t feeling well) I laid down and passed OUT!!! I’m thinking it was a comb of running the Hot Chocolate 5k the day before, freezing (although not as badly as my soulmate Melissa did…damn that girl is a trooper…and she ran that 5K in 24 mins!!!) overeating at brunch after the race(if you want a place in downtown Chicago to go eat brunch, Lou Mitchells on Jefferson!!!) heading out to the burbs to pick up my girls from grandmas, then coming home and helping put together a report for my oldest daughter’s English class…SHOOT ME!!!

Back to Monday…B-DAY!!!…got up and going and proceeded to eat sooooo much sugar…I had two pieces of that cookie cake I posed with Monday (courtesy again of AMAZBALLS MELISSA!!!...I’m not kidding she is my soulmate…straight or gay I’d marry her LOL) two brownies…I could feel the sugar coarsing through my veins. A couple of years ago I could have put that away and more but healthy eating really makes me FEEL it when I eat the bad (BUT OH SO YUMMY)stuff. At 3pm I run out to my daughter’s school to pick her up cause she got sick L she’s a tank though…back in action!!!

Last night (that was Tuesday??? Right?) I helped another single mom in need and picked up her daughter from daycare along with mine (I love when I’m able to help out…cause I know what its like to need help in return!!!) made dinner…yelled at my kids A LOT!!! (OMG they came home so wound up!!! ) then after dinner we settled in to watch the election returns. I will say it now…I supported OBAMA (you’re SHOCKED, right? ;) ) anyway in the early afternoon I started getting sick thinking Romney might win….I have nothing against the guy, I think he’s actually pretty moderate but (and this is my opinion ladies) the man had no conviction, he would say ANYTHING to get elected…that said I had no clear idea of what he would do once he got into office so that freaked me out. Anyway…Emily passed out after they called Pennsylvannia for Obama. Mia hung on to the bitter end but went to bed right after. I wanted to stay up and watch Obama’s speech…I ended up passed out on the couch til 3am

Tonight we’ll be better…. I’ll come home, make dinner, throw in some laundry, find some beads and leaves while I get Emily in the bath, I’ll pluck my brows while she’s in there so she can ask a million questions “Mom, what are you doing?”. ”Why are you plucking your eyebrows?”, ”Do I have to pluck my eyebrows?” Meanwhile Mia will do homework or put it out so I can check it. I’ll get Emily out of the bath, get it ready for Mia…tell Mia a 15minute shower NOT a 1.5 hour shower/bath…Detangle Emily’s hair, cut her nails, check her ears. Pick up my house, do the dishes…finally notice Mia has been in the shower for 30minutes…poke my head in and tell her to wrap it up. Put Emily to bed, read her two stories…keep my eye out for Mia (she likes to come out of the bathroom soaking wet so badly she puddles on her way to her room) remind her to dry herself off completely. Kiss Emily goodnight…go get her glass of milk…kiss her goodnight again. Go check on Mia…check her nails, remind her to detangle her hair. Smackdown with Jillian for 30minutes. Go see Mia while I’m sweating profusely, tell her Jillian is trying to kill me while we chat for a bit before her bedtime. Put her to bed, kiss goodnight. Take a bath…crawl into bed…damm I’m tired just thinking about all this LOL.

Fear not for my sanity!!! …have a planned breakfast date with sorta boyfriend on Thursday J I took the day off cause the kids both have afterschool activities I need to be there for. We’re going to grab breakfast and hang out cause he has to get to bed by 3pm to sleep til 9pm so he can go to work. I love dating someone whose schedule is as nuts as mine. Thursday AM Mimmosas!!! I LOVE MY LIFE!!!

As for the weight gain….I’ll work on it J


  1. You did have a crazy week... hope it gets easier!

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