Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lord, give me strength and a caffeine drip...STAT!!!

HELLO LADIES...welcome to my stream of consciousness...swim at your own risk..

So last night...I did not do my Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 :( instead I curled up on my couch and watched Obama and Romney slap each other around a bit...Two things I'll say about the, laughed the hardest when this occurred - Romney asked: “Mr. President, have you looked at your pension?” Obama responded: “I don’t look at my pension. It’s not as big as yours so it doesn't take as long.”...SMACK!!! LOL...then did anyone notice Ann Romney and Michelle Obama both wore hot pink...gotta say they both looked great...but being my girl Michelle and I are both 5'11, from Chicago and wear the same shoe size (I know this because I saw her inaugural ball gown on display at the Smithsonian last year...along with her size 10 Jimmy Choos -AHLUSTCOVETDROOL!!!) I give it up to Michelle...she looked stunning...very Jackie Kennedy. By the way...just as an FYI...they don't like it at the Smithsonian when you squeal "OMG look at her shoes!!!" and try to claw your way through plate glass...whateves :)

This morning up bright and early to get the girlies ready for picture day and pick up my messy does it always get to be such a MESS...I swear these kids come home and its like a tornado per usual they are bright and cheery in the morning and all is bliss...bwahahahaha!!! HEAVEN HELP WHOEVER WAKES UP THE WOMEN IN MY HOUSE BEFORE 8AM!!! I'm not a morning person but I'm the Mom so I have to suck it up...Mia is like waking the dead!!! Its 3 wake up calls before she finally gets moving with surly looks and heavy sighing. Emily is usually a bit more animated in the morning...but she has a very wiggly front tooth and is freaking out that it will come out...whats my worry?...that it will pop out before they take her picture and she'll be a bloody much compassion...sigh...MOTHER OF THE YEAR!!! Yesterday we all got our hair cut....Emily must have thought they were going to cut off her head by the way she screamed and carried on...but in the end it got cut (HER HAIR ;) ) and she was fine...I'd post the end results of hers here but she refused to let me take her picture...rolling my eyes :) so here are Mia and I...
I know I'm her mom but this kid is freaking gorgeous!!!!

Mom could have done with some better lighting :)

Thank goodness after a few tears (Mia didn't like the straightening iron...AT ALL) and one "I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!" from Mom...we all got out the door and on our way to school and work...WHEW!!!
Tonight I WILL RIP IT!!! I need Jillian Michaels to yell at me some her yoga meltdown vid btw...though I fell last time I did the side plank position...ya know where you reach up in a side plank...I just kept going and landed on my butt :) I have to get some more run time in too....starting to run out of steam at the end of the night and I'm getting snacky...not GOOD...oh well...this is a work in progress :) I have noticed that it takes alot less food to fill me up. We got pizza last night cause after the hair cuts and running around and hours of homework...MAMA WASN'T COOKING...I had two pieces of sausage and some cold pasta. I used to eat at least 5 pieces of pizza and I'd still be these days I eat more fruits and veggies than I ever did...EVER!!!

On a separate not work out or food related note...another really positive change I've made in the last year was sitting down with the girls at the dinner table...turning off the TV and just relaxing and talking while we eat. Before we just used to eat in front of the TV...then I would start going into another room cause they wanted to watch the Disney channel (I'd still watch Shake Up...and yes I memorized the theme song :)) . I didn't grow up with my family sitting down to brothers being much older...horked down their food in front of the TV and were my parents more gray hairs. My father worked in the Mom would feed me in front of the TV and then she'd go watch whatever she would watch (some gawd awful Latin Soap Opera...this was before Telemundo) It never bothered me because my mom was a stay at home mom...if anything...we had a little TOO MUCH together for my Dad...he was supporting all of us...I never wanted for my parents attention...I was the youngest and only girl...HOLLA :) but ladies Wonder Woman ovah here has to find what works for her mind goes miles per minute so sometimes I miss what I REALLY NEED TO PAY ATTENTION TO. Anyway we started doing family dinner nights a couple of times a week and I noticed it really its just about every night...I give the girls Friday night off so they can watch a movie. My brain actually slows down and I really listen...I took a note from THE POTUS (look it up) he said in an interview that when he and his wife sit down to dinner with their girls (is it just me or do you not love that their names are Malia and Sasha :)) they ask them...what was the best part of your day and the worst...the girls and I do this and they LOVE IT!!! so do I. I always end their night by reading Emily a story...ok sometimes we have to skip it but I do, do this most nights...I did this with Mia too and I'm convinced its why the two of them love books so much. I then go hang out with Mia who is usually doing something creative like a fashion or interior design game on the computer...she's always up to something...KID IS GONNA TAKE OVER THE WORLD :) I let her watch TV til lights out at 10pm...but a couple of times she's outlasted me...and it never fails that I get up at 2am and her TV is on and she's passed out (I say this so you all don't think I'm high and might...Super Mom or Tiger Mom or anything else over than..trying my best...stumbling but ultimately I'm sure my kids will be fine in spite of me :))...she was watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid last night on HBO...I was thinking...thank goodness I put the view locks on the cable boxes..she can't watch anything higher than PG-13.

Ya know why I like the name Wonder Woman...aside from the fact that she's a HOT, BRUNETTE, TALL, AMAZING...36, 24, 36...(haha...only if she 5'3 ;)...personally...I'm a 36, 31, 38...pears are sexy :) ),SMART, JET FLYING (damm she's got that one on me), CRIME FIGHTING (I'm on the neighborhood watch) BABE!!! Cause when I call myself Wonder Woman(trust me I giggle every time I do)...I'm honestly not thinking how awesome I am...I'm WONDERING how its a WONDER  I make it through the day with my sanity, health and sense of humor intact. Its truly a WONDER I'm keeping my weight down, my healthy eating up, my girls happy, fed and clothed...I have my amazing friends, my great and goofy family, a job I love and I have a sorta of BF that looks like Paul Rudd...HOLLA!!! So many WONDERS!!! Hmmm WONDER where I left my keys :)


  1. Liz, loved your blog! I'm up for a run in the morning sometime... text me (not good with email!) Now, go find that costume! I think you should be Wonder Woman, you could totally pull it off. xoxo Denise

  2. Denise...I'm thinking about it (Wonder Woman for Halloween!!!) if I should be the Bionic Woman LOL...we'll follow our kids with matching costumes/different teams. PS if you find Ernie a Bear Costume with a Bears Jersey...I am definitely entering you into the Mother of the Year award!!!