Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Uh Mr President, Governer Romney...YOU'RE KILLING ME!!!"

So the first Presidential debate is tonight...I can't miss it!!! I'm a bit of a political nut job...I trace it back to Ronald Reagan winning the Presidency in 1980...yeah I remember 1980...I'm 40 though I like to call it 20 with a past life ;) Anyway I was pretty psyched that he won (I was a Republican til I was 17...then I became a Liberal...don't hate...I don't hate you for being Conservative...or a Fascist Anarchist...or whatever your leanings :)) it was my 9th birthday and I was sporting some tres cool Miss Piggy PJs that forward many years later and I still get sucked into this process every time!!!

My problem with the debate isn't who will win or whose got the better quips...its how am I gonna fit it into my crazy schedule...cause remember this is my its all about Wonder Woman ;) Here what usually happens on my weeknights...

Running the gauntlet goes like this....

  • Leave work at 4:50 - thats exactly 3 minutes after my boss leaves... it looks good that I stay later :)
  • Hoof it to Washington/Wells Brown Line Stop (thats Chicago Transit speak :) ) whilst trying not to get run over by suburban commuters heading the other way towards the Metra (Suburb commute line)
  • Get on the Brown Line (by 5:08) and go ALL THE WAY around the Loop (City trains go around the city in a loop so thats why we call it THE LOOP) you native Chicagoans are thinking..."LIZ, take the Purple Line...its faster"...Yeah its faster and every Northsider knows it too (I live on the Northside of Chicago...the AWESOME side ;) that train is sooooo full, people fall out of it at every clown cars are less full!!
  • Get to my stop, get in the car pick up the girls IN A BIG DAMM HURRY!!!!
  • Run to the door of the school and pray I don't hear the church bells (our neighbor church bells toll at exactly 6pm which is also the end of pick up time...if the bells are ringing so are the cash registers at my daughters afterschool care....with late fees :) its ok...I get it...we have to be there on time, they have lives too. )
  • Go to the Cafeteria where Mia and Emily have not only taken out EVERYTHING in their backpacks but manage to spread them around the room. While I'm running around helping to collect their stuff I am signing them out...listening for the 11th millionth time "Mom, why do you always pick us up so late" ....ah the Guilt Fairy strikes again!!! 
  • Get in the car...while I'm putting bags away they are both talking a mile a minute...sigh...WOMEN ;)...I swear yesterday my daughter told me about a friend of hers that hit her head on the wrought iron fence while I'm getting us in the car with backpacks, jackets, making sure we don't get run over (this is the city mind parking lots...EVER!!!) and my there but not there brain said "Thats nice sweetie"
  • Get us home...these two would stay in the car forever but all I have to do is say "Last one to the door is a rotten egg!!!" and you'd have thought the Kentucky Derby just got underway. My oldest LOVES to torture my youngest and has to add "Last two are the rotten eggs" and it never fails..Emily screams inconsolably til I say "Last ONE Mia!!!" this is usually followed by the two of them fighting at the door and my yelling at them to stop it!!! AH BLISS!!!
  • Ok we are through the door...Emily's job is to pick up the mail but I have to remind her. "Emily get the mail"...."Moooooom why doesn't Mia ever get the mail?!?! I'm holding so much stuff!!!" (she says in a SHRILL whilst holding her lunchbag?!?!) meanwhile I'm trying to get through the door with my bag, Mia's backpack, their jackets, the keys are still in my hand!!! ARE YOU F'ING KIDDING ME EMILY...its in my head but of course WONDER MOMMY wouldn't say that :)
  • Now we are in....everyone (including Mom) drops everything in the entry...Mia sprints to her room, closes the door and turns on Harry Potter (insert part 1-6 here :)) Emily is off like a shot to the toy room. I gotta get dinner!!!
  • Would be helpful if we all ate the same food but the girls are PICKY...last night I had Grilled Chicken, Asparagus and some Spanish rice. The girls had Baked Chicken Nuggets (go me for baking them and not nuking them :) ) Spanish rice (they LOVE it) and Green Beans.
  • The girls set the table..we sit down to eat and we talk about our day (I LOVE THIS PART OF THE DAY...its also where I actually paid attention to the story about the girl who hit her head on the wrought iron fence..."WHAT?!!?" :) Two Mom...I play moderator "Now Emily, its Mia's turn to talk about her day" 
  • Clear the table...sorta... and go over homework...move around the food that has been left over...then clean off the rest as I go. I was lucky Mia only had Math homework...I'm still OK with 5th grade Math...but this stuff is hard. She and I are also burned out from a long day so we argue (fun arguing to be sure "Mia I can't read what you wrote"..."Mom, maybe you need're old"...give her a death look "So is your teacher so you better make this legible"..."Mom my teacher is 23 (WTF!!!! Mommy says in her head ;)) and what does legible mean?"...and the hits just keep coming :) Emily meanwhile is feeling left out so she makes up homework to do to hang out with us...this leads to fight number 103 for the day between the two of them. I am also suffering from the affliction that I call Mia - Emily and Emily - Mia...ugh...would help if they didn't look so much alike!!!
  • Homework done...time to pick up...HI...MY NAME IS LIZ...I'M A CLOSET NEAT FREAK. My mind cant settle when my house is tore up from the floor up so gotta get that in order. Emily draws, Mia is watching Harry Potter again....though they know I will be hollering out their names to come help pick up!!! House is picked up, dishes are washed...SIGH...What!!! Its 9pm!?!? Time to get Emily to bed and me into my workout clothes. By 9:30 I've read her two stories and she's OUT!!!
  • Check on Mia...she's on the computer playing dress up Jennifer Lawrence from the Hunger Games...Already in her jammies we play a Design Your Room game on (dont recommend the site unless you have a MAC...lots of bugs) I get hugs and kisses and not sarcasm and rolling eyes (She's entered Tweendoom way too soon :)) actually she's amazing...they both are...just this growing up thing is tough. Leave her reading Harry Potter (she goes in phases...all Summer it was Hunger Games, now we are back to Harry Potter) while I go workout.
  • Thrown Down with Jillian Michaels for 20+ mins
  • Peel my beat down ass off the floor and hobble to the shower...hear laughing...WTH? Mia is STILL up reading...kid is a NIGHT OWL!! Go in, ask what is so funny...she tells me in an English accent (this kid KILLS me!!!) kiss her goodnight again...she tells me I'm all sweaty...I notice she's scratching her arm (ahhhh eczema you BEEOTCH) get her eczema cream...rub it on her arm...what was I doing...oh yeah SHOWER.
  • Crawl into bed...deciding whether on not to catch up with Boardwalk Empire on Demand...decide yes because I need to see my MAN!!! Bobby Cannavale, playing a psycho. I'd watch or listen to Bobby do ANYTHING. He narrates books...if he reads the 2012  tax laws, I'm downloading that shit!!! He reminds me of a guy I dated years ago that I let get away so I'm reminded of that guy everytime I see Bobby and it makes me there :)
  • Turn out the lights...the party is over...GOODNIGHT IRENE!!! 
So tell me am I to carve out an hour or so for Obama and Romney?? Anyone want some cute kids to babysit? I'm thinking it may have to be pizza tonight (for them while I lust after it and eat salmon) quick homework check...super quick baths....Emily is easier with this...Mia not so much!!! And a movie from the Redbox that they can watch together in my room...hmmm good plan...I think..did the A-Team go through this (Love it when a plan comes together :) )?? I wonder. This decsion would be alot easier if Bobby Cannavale were overdubbing both Obama and Romney voices...then I could close my eyes and it becomes debate porn chickawawa!! :) 

HUGS ALL and thanks for the kind words yesterday!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

 The Marvelous Mia!!! I am in sooooo much trouble!!!
The Amazing Emily!!! :)

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  1. Not sure you are gonna get the debate in... dvr it? And, Mia is SOOO YOU! Attitude and all. Have a good evening!
    ~Catia :)