Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Finally Installment of the Weekends Trilogy....

This past Friday....aaaaaand here we go....

·         Take the girls to meet up with their Dad then drive back into the city….meet up with G…I call him G because he’s Indian and his name is so long and complicated that G is what works.
·         G has a great condo in the West Loop where we watched a movie and then at midnight have the brilliant idea to get food at the White Palace Diner…a Chicago institution…I had a skillet that I practically licked clean (BRILLIANT!!!) and then back to his place for more movies til we passed out. 
·         Head home Saturday morning…stop to load up on Starbucks…come home and fall asleep again til noon…get my lazy self up and clean my house
·         Go the the gym and have a great workout
·         Come home with a text message from sorta ex…the remodel on his kitchen was done and did I want to come over and see it tonight…hmmm…now sorta ex is not a smarmy guy…he’s not inviting me over for more so I text him that I have plans but can come by after….knowing he’s stays up all night…he said that was fine. Get this story on how his kitchen got remodeled...he was walking through Lowe's and ran into the Kitchen Crashers Crew...yep...Kitchen Crashers redid his kitchen...I was with him when he got the call that they choose him...I think this his his way of keeping me included. 
·         Get home and get ready to meet a guy a friend of mine thinks I will like. She’s hosting an open house so off I go….we meet and I think my friend doesn’t know me well LOL. He’s a nice guy but…always a but…and I’m going to sound shallow but so be it…he’s clearly overweight…I don’t mind a few pounds but he's got more than a few pounds going on. As bad as this may sound I’ve noticed that working so hard to get myself in shape if the person I may potentially date isn’t into keeping himself up I’m turned off by it. He’s bald, which again isn't something that bugs me but  it doesn’t look good on him. He’s wearing a flannel shirt…he just looks sloppy…its not a good package. Its shallow to be sure but I'm hoping his personality will win me over. 
·         Meanwhile I’ve made plans to meet up with Laura…and then go see sorta ex’s new kitchen…ugh I need a drink to get through this.
·         So man of my dreams over here is yammering on about how cool the music was in the 90s (hence the flannel, I presume) and how he knew all these grunge bands before they became big…he’s a nice guy but there is NOTHING there…so 3 Stellas later I call it a night…he’s nice and we go our separate ways.
·         I text Laura that I will meet her in a bit…but first “I gotta go do something stupid” I go to sorta ex’s…and as always he’s a sweetheart….the kitchen looks amazing…we drink, we talk but that’s all…no funny business which from him I would expect nothing less. He walks me to my car and we part with a hug.
·         I really shouldn’t drive at this point…yes I KNOW but I did…side streets…its not a good explanation but NO WAY am I spending the night at sorta ex’s
·         I text Laura…don’t hear back from her and I head home
·         A beer hangover is not my friend…so spent the morning in bed watching the Property Brothers…speculating on sorta ex’s new girl…depress myself and then go to gym.
·         Crappy workout but I grit through it…leave to go to Laura’s for dinner
·         I like hanging out with Laura and her mom on Sundays…they are always good fun….til its time to drive out and meet the ex and pick up the girls.

Couple of conclusions I've come to...I can't hang out with sorta ex :) don't get me wrong...adore him still but its too recently removed...I need distance. I don't want to speculate on his life, who this mystery girl is...none of it...I want no part of it.  I also don't wanna jump back into the dating game...Once you've dated a good guy...settling for FUCKTARDS ;) isn't gonna work. So gonna just hang back, take care of me and my girls...get ready for Spring :) I've found a decent friend in Jason...the one in Peoria and Chicago we'll see...all I know is that the Horizon looks good and I'm heading for it one snow boot at a time ;) 

Cocused on my workouts and tracked my food...lost 3lbs...I'm begining to look like a lollipop...if the top we're in the middle ;) my ass and upper thighs are still bigger than I'd like...but I can't lose more weight...I've found where I'm comfortable...much more and I'll begin to resemble the giraffe I was in my late teens...not fun. 

This weekend is already shaping up to be another marathon...I'm babysitting Friday night, Saturday girls scouts booth sale at the local grocery store, all family swim play date and pizza after with Jason and his kids. Sunday gotta go to Grandmas...sigh lol. 

Cheers ladies :) Let me know if there is anything you ever want to hear about comments, criticisms...always welcomed :)

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