Monday, March 4, 2013

My weekends are made of this….

Im telling ya…I try to cram a lot of life into my lazy weekends and lately its been no exception…so here are some highlights of my last few crazy weekends:

·         Drove my girls down to Peoria to their Dad’s house…he lives just outside of Peoria. I wasn’t looking forward to driving 3 hours out there and then turning around and driving back so a friend of mine Jason suggested we go out to dinner. As luck would have it I meet him on Halloween…who knew anyone would like that Wonder Woman costume…and he happens to live in Peoria. So drop the girls at their Dads…I’m wearing sweats and I have to be in Peoria in 30mins…so I ask my ex if I can use his bathroom to get ready. He looks at me kinda oddly and says sure and then jokes “Whats up? Got a big date?” to which I retort “Do you really wanna know, cause I’ll tell you” that shut him up and I used his bathroom. As I was leaving the girls mentioned how nice I looked and my ex goes “Have fun” and I look at him and said “I WILL” and smiled. Like I said he and I have a good relationship but these moments are priceless LOL.
·         Met Jason at seafood restuarant then we went to a very cool martini bar in a convert train dept…we proceeded to have many, many martinis and a lot of fun.
Monkey Business Martini...EXCELLENT!!!

·         Next day I hit the mall in Peoria and dropped $500 at Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s and Maurices…not a usual thing for me so its worth mentioning.
·         Drive into Chicago during the Autoshow…SUCKING!!!
·         Get home and get ready to go to my girl Bernadette’s house for her nephew’s birthday party. I love her house and her large and loud Puerto Rican family…its like my loud Cuban family J
·         Come back home and get ready to go out with Jason…different Jason…told you this was fun. Ok so this other Jason I met recently through a friend. Fun guy a bit confused…newly divorced. We had a great time but have decided to remain friends…however I’ll keep you posted on that one.
·         Sunday…meet up with G for breakfast…guy friend…nothing more at least not these days. Then meet Liam for lunch…bad move…Liam is on the hunt for….yeah that!!! Love him cause he’s a sweet guy but NO!!! He’s 30 going on 18…luckily though his cousin was home so he behaved himself…whew.
·         Wrapped it up with Dinner at my friend Laura’s catching up and then out to meet the ex for drop off

I’m exhausted ;) but wait there is more…..

You'll have to wait til tomorrow though cause these get crazy long with insanity...but thought I'd show you the new ride....
Loving this car!!! 
Before this weekend started I was 5 lbs under my goal weight so...stay tuned on how this went...after :)

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  1. ECK! The suspense is killing me! NOT NICE LIZ! :)